Our Story

Everything that you find on Lilybranch is created or curated by our creative maven, Deb. Items are selected with three things in mind: Quality, Maker, and Joy.

Quality I have never been on to buy something because it's trendy. If something is going to come into my home or be given as a gift, it needs to last a lifetime and beyond.

Maker I take great care when creating - be it printing cards, developing a piece of artwork, or designing a fabric. With Lilybranch, we work with makers who share  that passion and we love telling their stories along with showcasing their goods.

Joy Certainly some things here are serious, but for the most part the items in the shop will bring a bit of joy. If I don't smile - even with a bit of sadness for some of our sympathy cards - it doesn't make it into the shop.

I hope you like what you find here. Looking for something special and need our help? Just send us a note, we like to help.