The Lexicon

Welcome to Lilybranch's Lexicon. Here you will find some of our more creative words that we use around the studio and in some of our designs.


Verb • When someone blanks on their own phone number and provides a random number in order to cover up the  "I left a fish market's phone number on my doctor's voice mail because I completely flumble-numbered mine."


Noun and Verb • A memory, often less than desirable, that one can not mentally purge; the function of the aforementioned memory. "I keep remembering falling ass-over-tea-kettle in front of my boss. It's just hippocamping in my mind."


Noun • A short crevasse — no longer than a centimeter — that is filled with unidentifiable dookie, including but not limited to feces, dark food matter, other organic matter, and more curiously non-organic matter, that is high on the color value spectrum. "The mittleshledge in the window sill is impossible to clear!"


Noun • The moment when you no longer have sensation in your rumpus because you have been sitting too long.


Noun • Someone who does not like onions to the point of visceral reactions within their presence.


Noun • Someone who shamelessly takes ownership of and/or credit for someone else’s work. "He is rather a dumb fellow who still manages to work his way into projects without lifting a finger. He is the absolute epitome of a plinkplattle."


Noun • One who impulsively and compulsively creates scenarios and situations in an effort to gain pity.


Noun • The ire a chef feels when someone pours an indiscriminate amount of hot sauce on a freshly-prepared meal without actually tasting the food beforehand.


Noun and Verb • The food that reappears at the tail end of a burp or the act that causes the reappearance. Both are unexpected and not always unpleasant. "I just sflehtenned that ice cream. Glad I chose black raspberry."


Verb • The act transcribing worthless feedback and/or notes with a pencil, and doing so in a manner so silent that someone will ask if you are present or paying attention. "I was shwiffishing for 5 minutes straight when Sam stopped suddenly and asked if I was paying attention...I had 4 pages filled with his drivel.”


Noun • A craftsperson who is supposed to scale chimneys and steeples to repair them, but instead convinces people to remove the architectural elements.


Noun • Something that is expected to be delightful, but turns out to be a slog, yet people still do it over and over again.


Noun • Extremely pervasive and thunderously audible emitted by one’s stomach resulting from hunger.


Noun • One whose life is vastly improved by living without traffic. "John was a delightful man, but he would change and markedly so, when he  encountering traffic. He eventually moved to a rural area and it became plainly clear that he was a troffician at heart."


Noun • A gentle swipe to one's face with a soft item such as a handkerchief or feather, and done so in a rapid back and forth motion that will not physically hurt harm, but rather stun and infuriatingly so. "What is going on there?! Seems as though someone needs a good whippleflap."


Noun • The no man's land between one's rectal opening and vagina, but that is not the perineal stretch  

Updated 4 August 2021