Back panel of a CrazyBroad line card from Lilybranch



      Why CrazyBroad? When I started my design firm—the still-churning creative engine behind Lilybranch—I used the name CrazyBroad because it was funny and it fit. At my newly-leased commercial studio, the business name was supposed to appear on the studio door, the building directory, and the intercom system. But it didn't.

      The leasing agent's wife took issue with the name. She wasn't affiliated with her husband's business, nor the building owners' operations, but because she was offended, CrazyBroad could not appear anywhere in the building. 

      The phrase "crazy broad" is used several times and in a comic manner in 1950s Born Yesterday. Yet more than 50 years later, in the early 2000s, someone clutched her pearls and tried to hold me back.

      It didn't work. I sublet the space and moved on. 

      This collection—inspired by those events—features goods that will make the pearl-clutchers gasp or are some of my favorite things created by other Crazy Broads who refuse to be held back.

      Happy browsing, Crazy Deb.